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How Video Blogging Can Help You Generate Leads

It’s an easy and engaging way to inform people exactly what you do.

There is nothing quite like communicating with your customers face to face. A video blog (or vlog) will help you reach thousands – even millions – of potential customers. Let’s look at how to use video blogging to generate business.

The visual basics

Firstly, you need to get the basics right. You may have an exciting, engaging personality and great content ready for your video blog. But if the video is poorly shot, dimly lit, or the camera is pointing at your torso rather than your lovely face, it doesn’t have the impact you’re hoping for.

To create a visually appealing video blog, you will need a few vital things: good video blog editing software, a high-quality camera, and a microphone. You should also ensure you look presentable and the space around you is tidy and inviting.

If in doubt, consider hiring a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit your video blogs – that way, you can be sure you’re getting it right. However, many users prefer a personal, handmade feel to a vlog because it gives it an air of authenticity and a companionable nature.

The content

After getting the visuals right, you must ensure you have something to say. Write a script if you need to! Add some jokes if that’s your style. Be natural. But above all, ensure you’re clear on your message and how to get it across.

Whether introducing your business with an initial post or showcasing a new product, you must be clear about what you want your viewers to take away from the latest vlog. Use pictures and other visuals if it helps!

Timing your vlog posts

Once you have established a following for your vlog, post new video blogs regularly so your followers don’t drift away. You can time your video blog for the days and hours that will have the most impact. One good thing to do is to look at your website's stats page and see what times of day people are most likely to visit.

A vlog posted at 3 a.m. on a workday morning when most people are sound asleep is unlikely to be immediately picked up by your followers. However, one timed for a Monday evening, when everyone is home from work and looking for ways to relax on the internet, is likely to be more of a hit.

Engage with users by replying to comments or incorporating some of their comments on your previous blog into your next video. Doing this will build a committed and interested audience eager to watch your next video blog.

So there you have it! Happy vlogging.


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