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The Worst Email Marketing Videos of All Time

Learn from poor email marketing videos.

Finding a balance between educational and entertaining content is vital, which many of the worst email marketing videos of all time failed to do.

You don't need a how-to video to show you how to launch an effective email marketing campaign. A CRM (customer relationship management) system can simplify the entire process and help you get the desired results.

Instead of writing off videos, you can learn how to use them as a marketing tool. Flowbird has the expertise and technology to help you create a wide range of efficient and easy-to-implement strategies that work for you.

How can you create a campaign that has the desired results?

A CRM system can help you target specific subscribers and create appealing email and video content they will be happy to receive and, more importantly, want to open. Adding embedded videos or animations to product pages has been shown to increase conversions by up to 150%, so their impact on email marketing communications can't be understated.

Flowbird CRM systems can help you utilise this tool to its fullest extent.

Make email video links work for you.

Email marketing campaigns in the B2B sector that include video or animated content generate leads. However, using emails as a form of cold calling is one of the most common mistakes marketers make. Avoid videos that take a challenging sell approach; email marketing campaigns should build on your initial contact and instil trust and confidence.

Flowbird can implement a CRM system that compiles information on prospective customers so that you can send them unique email and video content that is of real value.

A customised system

You aim to improve relationships with your existing customers, increase sales, and generate new leads. CRM automation systems automatically track your interactions with prospective clients. This ensures that you don't send duplicate content and enables you to pinpoint the most successful emails.

You can customise your approach by including video content that is dynamic, catchy and appealing. There are other options if you don't want to use embedded video.

Let CRM automation systems guide your next move.

Once you've selected your preferred recipients, you mustn't overwhelm them with content. Many emails contain too much detail, many calls to action, and unnecessarily long video links. You won't lose subscribers by keeping things simple. A short and to-the-point email is preferable to your reader who isn't sure it is relevant.

Flowbird can help you develop a CRM strategy that will help you streamline your emails.