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Why Automation is Key in the 21st Century

As a business director, I always say that if something needs to be done three times or more, it needs to be automated. This is purely a matter of economics, and we base most of what we do here at Flowbird on principle. Why keep doing something manually when you can have it done automatically?

Automation increases efficiency, and it’s making businesses more productive than ever.

Most of the time, when we think about automation, factories spring to mind. However, at Flowbird, we apply these methods to the marketing strategies of all small and medium B2B companies.

Why Use Automated Marketing Tools?

Automation tools can reduce marketing and customer relations costs, minimising the need for human intervention.

In the process, automated marketing packages free up the minds of your staff. They have the freedom to act creatively and decisively instead of being bogged down in mundane operations that can be carried out by software.

Your staff can analyse the data produced by software and refine their marketing channels. This will help you build lucrative relationships with high-value clients.

Manage Customers With Cutting Edge Automation Software

Automation enables firms to micro-manage their customer relations like never before.

Sales leads can be collated in databases, and individual clients can be automatically placed in categories based on their sales potential. Elements of customer support can also be automated, delivering useful responses to common queries without requiring manual interaction.

Most importantly, you can tailor messaging to customers' needs. This communication is based on knowledge about their past purchasing behaviour.

With data about contacts' personal and behavioural data, you can build up a detailed picture of who they are.

Promote Your Brand Identity Automatically

With the solutions we provide at Flowbird, you can build a distinctive, reputable online brand without needing to focus on every single action. Automate the finer details and watch the bigger picture come together much more easily.

With automated blogging, your content can be posted at regular intervals at times that will achieve maximum exposure. Every blog or video you create can be automatically posted across your social media channels, amplifying their power.

Any communication you send out as part of e-mail marketing campaigns can be automatically personalised. This creates a bond between individual customers and your company. It also encourages customers to make repeat purchases.

Fine-Tune Your Sales Efforts

Provide your sales teams with automated schedules so that they never miss appointments. Such schedules will help ensure customer queries are dealt with promptly, and invoices are chased up as quickly as possible.

With Flowbird's automation software, small and medium-sized businesses can match the responsiveness usually only delivered by large sales teams.

At Flowbird, we automate CRM and ensure that emails are timed with complete precision. We can segment your sales leads into categories depending on their value and interests. A blogging schedule will help you deliver content in the best way to capture your audience and drive website traffic. We will keep your social media presence slick and relevant.

After all, automation is just a matter of working efficiently.