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Flowbird Culture & People

Life at Flowbird

Great products are the result of the efforts of exceptional people at Flowbird.

Flowbird Core Values


Are we listening to hear one another or are we listening to understand?

We see the value in different skill sets and take time to understand one another personally and professionally. We strive to embrace varied backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives through open communication.



Our outcome is greater than the sum of our parts

We understand that no matter how small our part in a project, it is fundamental to the overall success of the work we deliver. There are so many varied roles within our team and we strive to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders whilst working towards a common goal.



The GLUE to all our other values.

It enhances the smooth process of getting work done and breeds trust between leadership and employees. We celebrate the good, review the bad and convey our thoughts and feelings with kindness & good intentions.


A no-blame culture 

Taking ownership of our role SHOUTS confidence and provides a positive experience for our customers. Individually, we are accountable for how we overcome challenges. Add a positive mindset, and we can always enhance how we work independently and as a team.


Being experts at what we do to stay one step ahead in the industry

CPD is critical to what we do. Clients pay us to be the best at our services, and it’s our responsibility to be up-to-date and ahead of the game. The CRM world is constantly changing and diversifying, so we strive to allow time in our working day to learn and develop ourselves professionally. 

What makes Flowbird

Empowering excellence through communication, ownership, and teamwork, Flowbird Ltd values trust, efficiency, and a no-blame culture. We celebrate successes, address challenges positively, and take ownership to create confident and positive customer experiences. Individually accountable, we overcome challenges with a positive mindset, continuously learn through education, and stay ahead in the dynamic CRM industry. Emphasising teamwork, we recognise the importance of each role, respect diverse perspectives, and strive for collaboration, guided by a commitment to mutual understanding.

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How we build our product

Flowbird has been building kickass CRM solutions for salespeople for the past ten years since introducing the Perfect Customer Lifecycle. Our engineers now have the opportunity to create a completely new product that will revolutionise the way account managers, marketers, and customer success professionals operate, as we continue our journey towards becoming a multi-product company.

Mission Statement

Our mission is collective excellence, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled service to clients by navigating the evolving CRM landscape with communication, ownership, and teamwork.



How do exceptional individuals find their way to Flowbird?

Our core values not only guide us in hiring professionals but also cultivate a culture where individuals love working here for "the people". While skills are highly valued, it is equally important for potential employees to share our core values because we firmly believe that great products are the result of the efforts of exceptional people.

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