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Welcome to the Flowbird Sales Pipeline Calculator


The sales calculator is designed to break down your sales target into weekly activities. As a salesperson, you have no control over how many deals you close or sales meetings you have. The customer or prospects control this. As the expression goes, you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink. Likewise, you can send the best proposal worldwide, and the prospect decides if they will sign. You only have total control over picking up the phone or emailing. In this scenario, we've chosen phone calls.

Hopefully, the process is self-explanatory; however, please call or email us directly if you have any questions. Flowbird Ltd is a CRM Agency based in Ashford, Kent, UK. We specialise in helping companies with long or complex sales processes achieve their sales target using activity-based sales goals.

What is your monthly sales target?
What is your average deal value?