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5 Customer Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know

Running a business is complicated. There are many things to keep track of accounts, sales, and customers. Where do you start? And what are the customer secrets you really should know as a business owner?

1. Customers are at the heart of your business

We hope that this is one of our customer secrets that doesn't come as a surprise. Without customers, you would have no business.

Treat your customers well through regular contact, good deals or the quick resolution of problems and complaints. Excellent customer service is vital.

2. Keeping your customers happy is of utmost importance

Following the above, your business will be satisfied if your customers are satisfied. Not only will satisfied customers be more likely to continue doing business with you, but they are also your best (and cheapest) advertisement!

Unfortunately, an unhappy customer is more outspoken about their experience than happy customer. Make sure your customers are satisfied!

3. Value your existing customers

It is one of the customer secrets that are so often forgotten. We've all seen those adverts offering '£X for new customers, which makes existing customers question why they're being treated less well than new customers are. It's easy to get caught up in the chase for new customers rather than paying attention to existing ones.

The same applies to the customers of your business. Of course, you want to attract new business, but don't do this at the expense of your existing customers. Let your current customers know they are valued and appreciated, and they will be more likely to continue doing business with you.

4. Get to know your customers

People don't like being pestered with cold calls or spam mail because they don't like companies trying to sell them things they don't want or need.

Please get to know your customers and offer them things of value. Let's say your company sells vacuum cleaners. Send an email to your subscribers containing the link to a blog post titled, '8 Ways To Make Cleaning Your House Easier'.

Having subscribed to your company's emails, the recipients of this email are likely to be interested in the cleanliness of their homes. You can, therefore, almost guarantee that they will find your blog post helpful and exciting!

Attract potential customers by sending them things of value. Spark their interest, give them something useful and, in turn, get your company some credibility. It is one of the customer secrets that doesn't require much effort but makes a big difference to your business.

5. Attract customers with things that are interesting and useful to them

It's no secret that not all of your customers are the same. Use forms on your website (or social media pages) to collect information about your potential customers. You should be able to separate your customers into different categories, whether by location, interests or age group. Use these categories and send additional emails to other types. Think about what they want or need.

Keeping your customers happy by keeping in contact can be time-consuming. But it doesn't need to be. Introduce email marketing automation into your company: create emails and arrange for them to be sent to specific contacts at certain times.

For example, suppose someone subscribes to your newsletter, and you want to send them a welcome email. In that case, you can use email marketing automation software to automatically send a welcome email when they sign up.

It's easy for businesses to overlook the most critical customer secrets. It's essential to treat your customers in a way that will keep them loyal to your company. At Flowbird, we put CRM at the heart of what we do. Contact us to find out how we can improve your business's CRM.