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Using email marketing to build your customer base

Customers are king in the world of inbound marketing. Treating them well is vital to securing the most significant rewards and building your customer base. A fundamental way to manage customer relationships and build your customer base is through email

The kind of modern email marketing championed by Flowbird can deliver impressive sales results. However, it would help if you remembered some things whenever you adopted an email-based marketing scheme.

Email sales strategies can revolutionise your business

Firstly, it’s essential to realise the benefits of marketing via email. Web users like email. They use it every day. They can customise their inbox to filter out spam. It’s an instant way to communicate with suppliers.

Email marketing is necessary for companies that offer regularly updated services and want to establish long-lasting, dynamic relationships with their clients.

Avoid the junk pile with high-quality messaging.

Anyone adopting an email marketing strategy must ensure that the material they send to clients is high quality. We’ve all received communications from companies in our spam folders, even if those messages contained important information.

That’s because the filters provided with email services flagged the content as spam due to its poor quality and generic nature. Writing content that clients can use will help to avoid instant demotion to the junk pile.

Build your customer base by enticing email users to open everything you send

This is crucial. At Flowbird, we can advise anyone marketing via email on encouraging potential customers to click on your messages in the first place. Generally, about 80% of B2B emails will go unopened and be trashed immediately, so getting this step right is crucial. Choosing the right email subject line and time of sending are essential.

If they have just signed up, it makes sense to interact immediately. Following this, good times to interact include after a customer makes a purchase or after publishing informative blog postings. With a sophisticated inbound marketing strategy, this precise timing can allow you to tailor your emails to each unique customer and gradually build your customer base.

Get the basics right with your email content.

What goes into your messages is just as important as how they are presented. Always identify who you are and why the message is essential. The first few sentences should provide a friendly introduction and the offered service. This lets the reader know that you are credible and worth engaging with. Humour can work well, but it can also be a huge turn-off when establishing your credentials. Use it sparingly.

Don’t waffle, either. Use short, punchy sentences with value on every line. Also, don’t forget to include a call to action and a way for the contact to interact with your company. Every email is part of the sales funnel and should easily connect to your sales pages.

Inbound marketing involves many disciplines, and using email is a vital component. Flowbird can assist firms seeking to establish fruitful online customer relationships.

Having regular email contact is a great way to achieve this. However, it has to be done well, so consulting inbound marketing experts is the best way forward.

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