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 HubSpot Implementation Methodology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation methodologies can vary depending on the organisation's specific needs and the chosen CRM software.

Onboarding Timeline

How to Implement HubSpot

There are several essential stages to navigate when implementing HubSpot. From planning and configuration to training and launch, each step is crucial in maximising the potential of this powerful marketing platform.

The first stage involves thorough planning, where businesses outline their goals, objectives, and target audience. This sets the foundation for the subsequent stages, including configuring the HubSpot platform to align with the company's needs.

The next stage focuses on data migration, ensuring a smooth transition of existing customer information into the new system.

Following this comes the training stage, where employees are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage HubSpot's capabilities effectively. Finally, the launch stage marks when the company goes live with HubSpot, ready to streamline its marketing efforts and drive growth. 

Our Implementation Process

1) Introduction Meeting
 This initial meeting marks the project's transition from the sales team to our operations team. Your sales consultant introduced the colleague responsible for the scoping process to you. This meeting provides project information and establishes the foundations for a successful partnership.
2) In-depth Business Scoping Session
In this critical stage, we thoroughly examine your business operations. This collaborative session challenges and refines your processes, accelerating your business growth. It forms the foundation of our partnership, enabling us to create a detailed project roadmap.
3) Kick-Off Meeting
We invite key stakeholders from your business to a brief meeting. This meeting brings together our scoping team and your project manager, ensuring a complete understanding of the project's nuances.
4) Implementation
The project items are assigned to our expert implementation team. Track your project in real time through our client portal, offering clarity on progress, team roles, and task timelines, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
5) Implementation Testing
We begin rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality once the system is configured to your needs. At this stage, any adjustments or adaptations are considered to make sure the CRM operates like it was intended. 
Data migration
6) Data Migration
With the implementation finalised, we transition to data migration. Your data is well-organised and ready for import with our guidance or your independent action. 
Team training
8) Best Practice Training Sessions
Upon CRM system implementation, we conduct training sessions tailored to your needs. Depending on your implementation plan and specific requirements, these can include User Access Training, Basic Training and Advanced Training.

Why implement HubSpot into your business?

HubSpot streamlines your sales and marketing by consolidating CRM, content creation, and email campaigns into one platform. This streamlining saves time, reduces the need for multiple tools and offers in-depth analytics for data-driven decisions. 

HubSpot simplifies lead generation with customisable forms and CTAs, enabling quick capture and conversion of visitor data. Its lead scoring and segmentation tools efficiently prioritise leads by engagement and purchase readiness, allowing for targeted marketing that boosts conversion rates.

Implementing HubSpot into your business is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your marketing and sales efforts. With powerful automation and lead generation capabilities, integrating HubSpot into your company allows you to optimise your marketing campaigns, track and analyse valuable data, and achieve higher conversion rates and business growth.

Our Services

CRM Consultancy

By managing your sales better, you see a significant increase in leads, customer retention, conversion, and sales revenue. Businesses that use CRMs benefit from more accurate sales reporting, improved sales forecasting, and maximised ROI of their marketing campaigns. 

CRM Audit

A CRM audit is a chance to review how well your systems are working and how you are managing customers. It will help you to get the most out of your management strategy by removing processes that waste time and resources and increasing profits for your business.

CRM Integrations

CRM integration focuses on connecting your CRM platform and other business software. Our goal is to provide accurate data from your business software to give you an illustration of your business and customers. 

Data Migration

Companies rely heavily on databases nowadays, so it is crucial to have a reliable data migration process. This ensures that companies remain protected and that their information transfers correctly between systems.

HubSpot Certifications

Trust that you will be provided with dependable support throughout every step of your customer journey.

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