How A CRM System Will Help Your Business

How a CRM system will help your business - man and woman shaking handsInterested in how a CRM system will help your business? Then you've come to the right place!

CRM (customer relationship management) software is essential for growing businesses. Offering contact management, opportunity management, dashboard analytics and marketing automation, a CRM system unites many of the key aspects of your business.

It's a single platform to store and manage your contacts' data throughout the customer lifecycle.

In this article, we run through some of the most prominent ways a CRM system will help your business.

How A CRM System Will Help Your Business

Capitalise on the best leads

Chasing prospects who aren't right for your business is an uphill battle. CRM systems record demographics, interactions and behaviours to determine which leads are worth pursuing. This gives your salespeople a head start and ensures that their time is spent wisely.

Another problem many businesses encounter is losing leads throughout the sales cycle. A CRM system passes leads from sales to marketing at the appropriate time, letting you feel confident that all leads are accounted for.

As a result, businesses with a CRM system often find that their sales cycle times reduce and their close rates increase.

More success in sales

Salespeople often struggle with admin work eating up the time that they could be spending on selling. CRM systems solve this problem by automating many of these repetitive sales admin tasks.

On top of this, CRM systems integrate your emails, calendar and marketing within one platform and automate reminders for follow-ups and sales meetings. As a result, less time is spent on admin and more time is spent actually selling.

Having a detailed sales process and plan is essential for success in sales. With a CRM system, you can map out your entire sales process for your salespeople to use. This gives them clear steps for moving prospects down the sales funnel. Having your salespeople use one consistent process not only makes them more efficient, but it also lets you discover what's working and what's not.

Your salespeople need to be clued up on every lead's information, history and progress. A CRM system gives your team full visibility of this information. This gives them everything they need when closing deals and allows managers to track the progress of their teams and leads.

As well as assisting with every-day tasks, your CRM system also shows reports on your company's sales activities. This helps you fine-tune your sales processes and ensure that your strategies are working.

Build better relationships with your prospects and customers

Prospects and customers like to feel understood. A CRM system tracks the patterns, behaviours and preferences of your contacts, enabling you to give them what they're looking for. You can tailor your sales techniques, marketing activities and more.

You can also increase your customer retention rates by building better relationships with your customers. A CRM system lets you do this by maintaining communication with them and delivering content that is both useful and relevant.

With access to customer information such as purchase histories, activities and behaviours, you can segment your contact lists, tailor your communications and thus build stronger relationships. Sending personalised deals and offers will make your customers feel valued and result in more up-sells and cross-sells.

Improve productivity

Work smarter, not harder.

A CRM system automates your repetitive tasks and keeps track of your sales, marketing, customers, notes and activities in one place, saving you a lot of time. The little snippets of time you can save by not having to keep switching between systems and apps really adds up!

Cloud-based CRM systems increase productivity even further. They improve communication between members of your team because everyone can access and share the information they need. A cloud-based system is also ideal for remote working.

Better customer service

Customer service can become disjointed when you're dealing with customers across multiple platforms, including emails, your website, phone calls and social media. With the multi-channel integration that comes with a CRM system, communication becomes easier and offers your contacts a more consistent experience.

A CRM system makes it easy for customers to raise issues and, with access to a database of comprehensive customer notes, it's easy for you to resolve them.

Not only this, but your contacts will perceive you to be providing a better service when your communications are tailored to them. Segmentation and personalisation make it easy for you to do this.

In-depth business insights to help decision making

CRM dashboards provide you with a wealth of data and analytics on your business. You can also view reports on your campaigns. This means you can make smart decisions on sales and marketing strategies and deal with issues quickly.

With a CRM system, you can gain insights across your whole business, including sales, marketing and retention. This data is easy to access and helps inform important decisions.

You can also track the progress of your team and campaigns. This lets you see what's working and what's not, and can inform the need for any changes.

Implementing a CRM system lets you bridge the gap between sales and marketing. With every lead accounted for and fruitful relationships growing across the customer lifecycle, you will experience endless benefits. To find out more about CRM and working with Flowbird, contact us today.