Marketing Automation Means What?

What is marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is custom designed for successful online marketing, across all channels. Smart marketeers looking for great returns via the Internet should seriously consider the wealth of benefits provided by these software packages.

What is Marketing Automation?

An automated approach to marketing works hand-in-glove with company websites and apps in a variety of ways, including

  • analysis of social media activities and automated actions when data is shared with other Internet users
  • direct the right email content to users on your company email lists, dependent upon the contact’s interactions with your business
  • auto import contacts from a wide range of sources, including customer relationship management (CRM) packages, customer service points and eCommerce sites
  • notify the right people within your organisation about a customer’s interactions with the business, at the right time so any necessary follow-ups are actioned
  • automated actions each time you update your website, add blog posts or initiate campaigns
  • initiate contact via SMS or email

When you adopt the automated approach to your marketing thrusts, you can be sure the strategies you want followed will be actioned at specific points. For example, if you plan to send all your customers a birthday message, welcome email, or highlight particular sales or discount campaigns, your automated system handles everything.

Benefits of Automated Marketing

One of the major advantages of automating the marketing function is its efficiency. Your business will no longer need to depend upon manual and repetitive processes, which can result in errors or omissions. Instead, the marketing process will become more streamlined and subject to less human error. Of course, any automated system is only as good as the professionals that are maintaining and updating databases and records, so it’s critical that mailing lists are kept clean, if you want to utilise your marketing automation system to the full.

When you opt for the right automated system to enhance marketing, your returns on investment (ROI) will be apparent in a very short space of time. You will have the ability to track potential customers displaying interest in your products or services, and analyse their buying behaviour. It’s easy to segment and profile customers and contacts, giving you the opportunity to target your marketing efforts in a precise and specific manner.

Keeping track of customers through the buying cycle and liaising with sales and customer service teams helps ensure every new customer has a successful purchasing experience with your business while allowing their contact details to be maintained within the marketing department for future contact.

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