Marketing Automation Means What? We Explain the Basics

marketing automation means

At Flowbird, we use marketing automation day in, day out. However, to the outside world, it can seem like a foreign concept. What does marketing automation mean? How should you use it and what are the benefits?

Put simply, marketing automation automates your repetitive marketing processes, whilst collecting data on your contacts. This allows you to maintain regular, relevant contact with your prospects and customers, without having to do much at all. Before implementing marketing automation, you need to ensure that the strategy is custom-designed to meet the needs of your business.

How to Use Marketing Automation and What It Means?

An automated marketing strategy should involve your website, along with other digital applications such as social media. A good strategy will be made up of many components.

An automated approach can help you build up relationships with prospects and customers. For example, you can set the system up to send your contacts birthday messages, welcome emails, or highlight particular sales or events. It can also fire off automated actions whenever you update your website, add blog posts or initiate campaigns.

The software will collect information on your contacts, including their demographics, preferences and interactions with your business. Use this data to send highly targeted content to your contacts, using email marketing, social media and even SMS messages.

The system can notify your sales team when a contact interacts with your business in a specific way. Use this feature to follow up prospects in a timely manner. Of course, any automated system is only as good as those maintaining it. It's critical that you keep databases and records up-to-date and mailing lists clean. This will help you utilise your marketing automation system to the full.

Benefits of Automated Marketing

One of the major advantages of automating your marketing is improved efficiency. You won't need to depend on manual and repetitive processes which often result in errors or omissions. Instead, the marketing process will become more streamlined and subject to less human error.

When you opt for the right automated system, your return on investment (ROI) will become apparent very quickly. You can track potential customers and analyse their buying behaviour. It's easy to segment and profile customers and contacts. This allows you to target your marketing efforts in a precise and specific manner.

Not only will automation enable you to tailor the content you send, but it will also help you optimise your timing. Keep track of customers through the buying cycle and liaise with your sales and customer service teams. This will help ensure that every new customer has a successful purchasing experience with your business. It will also enable you to keep their details up-to-date. Find out more about marketing automation or contact us today.