Would A Blog Work For My Business?

Would A Blog Work For My Business?

Would A Blog Work For My Business?

Unlike traditional lead generation tactics, blogging helps you reach a wide audience whilst keeping costs under the measure. It can be used by businesses across all industries: from travel and weddings to software and finance. If there’s something to talk about within your industry, blogging will work for you. Let’s find out why.

Generating Sales Leads

We are all consumers. And we all know that the internet is usually the first place we go to find out more about a product or service. You should take advantage of this platform by creating a blog for your business – even if your company is purely offline.

A blog works well to help you keep in constant contact with your existing customers whilst acquiring new ones at the same time. It generates sales and improves cash flow. Lead generation through blogging will increase sales and profits, helping your business to grow.

Selling Your Products and Services

Selling a product is easier than selling a service. With a product, all you need to do is introduce your products and their benefits, state your offer, and then leave your prospective buyers to decide. With services, however, prospective buyers will always be comparing you with other businesses. This is the case particularly when it comes to your pricing. If your charges seem too high, you will quickly lose your prospects to your competition.

A blog can help combat this by explaining to customers why your services should be chosen over your competitors. You can generate sales leads with content that attracts prospects and gently encourages them to give you business. Additionally, you can develop your reputation as a valued opinion leader by discussing your industry and putting forward ideas, opinions and advice.

Using a Blog for Your Business

Blog articles should be based on your industry. Write about topics that include industry news, opinions and tips. For example, if your business is a travel agent, blog titles could include ‘Holiday Destinations for Travelling with Kids’, ‘Holidays on a Budget’ or ‘How to Keep Safe on Holiday’.

The idea is to lure prospects in with interesting, engaging pieces of content that they will find value in. A blog should engage prospects at the beginning of the buyer’s journey, encouraging them to further interact with your business.

All things considered, blogs are very powerful marketing tools. They can enable profit generation for pretty much every business regardless of whether the company is online-based or not.

If you have been striving to acquire more customers for your business and your preferred lead generation method doesn't seem to work, it's time to try out a blog. A blog’s effectiveness in generating sales leads has been proven in just about all instances.

At Flowbird, we can help you in setting up and maintaining a blog for your business. We can create content for you or advise you on how to do it for yourself. Our tools will help you keyword-map and search-engine-optimise your blogs, ensuring lead generation is at its highest capacity.