use your website to capture leads

It’s a common situation in the world of inbound marketing: you’ve got a fantastic product, a strong brand and a talented team behind you. But how do you use your website to capture leads?

Using your website to capture leads is easy, effective and low-cost. And by putting together a strong strategy using landing pages, forms and social media, you’ll be excelling with lead generation in no time.

Use your landing page to achieve lead capture lift-off

The landing page is often the first place clients will find you online, so it needs to contain well-written, informative content. The structure of this content is also important. It should begin by introducing the product and your brand, leading the reader towards making a decision.

If you choose to include a contact form or purchase button, all of the written content on the page should point visitors towards this. A clear call to action helps to reinforce the message.

Maximise lead capture with a well-designed form

It’s a good idea to include page elements that request visitors’ information to help lay the foundations for an ongoing customer relationship. A well-designed contact form is essential, but don’t overload it with fields. Keep it simple and relevant to the product that you are selling.

It’s important to keep the target audience in mind. If you are selling a niche product to specialists, they might value the chance to answer (or ask) more detailed questions about what is on offer.

Some people feel that contact forms can add clutter to landing pages. If you have a large form or want to keep a stripped-down approach, direct users towards a ‘contact us’ page to achieve the same results.

Link your page to social media for added efficiency

Social media is a key online marketing tool. Many B2B firms actively maintain presences on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Ensure that there is a clear pathway from your Twitter feed to your landing page, and link any blog content that you produce on the website to all of your social media accounts.

The key is to integrate everything as much as possible. Maintain a regular rhythm of posts on all of your social media platforms.

Entice users to make a connection

Besides forms, there are other ways to capture leads. For example, displaying a button offering a deal or offer is a good way to attract attention. But don’t allow these buttons, banners or links to dominate. Keep the content’s message at the core of your lead capture strategy.

When capturing a lead’s details, it is vital to offer something in return. Visitors don’t want to feel tricked into entering their details; they want to receive useful products or information. So make the benefits clear to all potential customers and don’t bombard them with buttons and brash claims. Keep it simple, honest and informative and lead capture will become much easier.

At Flowbird, we have a wealth of experience creating effective strategies to use your website to capture leads. By combining landing pages with forms, offers and social media, we can provide expert advice to help you excel with lead generation.

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